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برگزاري مسابقات فوتسال به مناسبت هفته بهزيستي
30 تیر 1397

Futsal Championship for the Welfare Week

At the same time, the welfare week was celebrated with the slogan "Development and social development and social protection" tournament of the futsal tournament among the employees of the provincial well-being offices over two days with the participation of more than 40 staff members of the organization at the provincial volleyball home....
برگزاري جشنواره دختران با شعار سلامت رواني – اجتماعي وتوسعه پايدار
26 تیر 1397

Conducting a Girl's Festival with the motto "Mental Health and Sustainable Development."

At the same time as the fourth day of the welfare week, the girls festival was held with the participation of a team of managers and representatives of executive agencies and all of your daughters under the auspices of the Welfare Organization at the site of the Fadak Ardabil Cultural and Artistic Complex....
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برون سپاري خدمات ، افزايش بهره وري و ارتقاء كيفيت خدمات را در پي دارد.
17 تیر 1397

Outsourcing of services, increase productivity and improve the quality of services.

Systematic Motivational Counseling, Problem Solving Techniques, and Decision Making and Intervention in the Suicide Crisis with the Presence of the Directorate General for the Welfare of the Province, and more than 50 experts, governmental and non-governmental employees of the Office for the Empowerment of Women and Family, and Social Emergency Experts in the field of Social Welfare of the Cities The subsidiary was held at the site of the province's well-being specialization training center for 2 days....
۲۷۰ تیم اجتماع‌محور پیشگیری از اعتیاد در استان اردبیل فعال شد
14 تیر 1397

270 community-based teams of drug addiction prevention were active in Ardebil province

The Director General for the Welfare of Ardabil province announced the activation of 270 community-based drug prevention groups in the province of Ardabil and said: "The main approach to combating drug abuse is socialization, and efforts are being made to utilize the capacity of neighborhoods in this area."...
در پی اجتماعی کردن مبارزه با اعتیاد انجام شد؛
11 تیر 1397

The fight against addiction has been socialized;

The presence of uncle and Anushirvani in the center of Ardabil addiction treatment...
سجاد انوشیروانی:
11 تیر 1397

Sajjad Anushirvani:

Neglecting the essence of sport is a factor in promoting social harm...
رئیس بهزیستی اردبیل مطرح کرد
11 تیر 1397

Head of the Ardebil's Welfare Organization

85% of Ardebil addicts return to addiction cycle / Minimal participation of people in support of recoveries...
دانشگاه جامعه محور، راه حل ارتباط بین دانشگاه و جامعه
07 تیر 1397

Community-centered university, the solution to the relationship between university and society

Under the auspices of the Ardebil Welfare Administration and the Research Deputy of the University of Mohaghegh Ardabili, a coordination meeting was held on the relationship between the two institutions, focusing on research activities in the Council room of Mohaghegh Ardebil University....
مدیر کل بهزیستی استان اردبیل:
07 تیر 1397

Director General of Welfare of Ardebil province:

The activity of 270 socially-based teams has been reduced to help addicts / 27% of addicts' deaths...
مدیر کل بهزیستی اردبیل؛
07 تیر 1397

Ardebil's Director General of Welfare;

Ardabil is one of the white provinces of the country in the prevalence of addiction...
ديدار مدير كل واعضاي شوراي معاونين بهزيستي استان با فرماندار شهرستان پارس آباد
06 تیر 1397

Meeting of the Director General and Vice-Chancellors of the Provincial Council with Pars Abad Governor

Sharabi members of the provincial welfare ministers visited and visited the city of Parsabad with the governor of the city....
ديدارمديركل و اعضاي شواري معاونين  بهزيستي استان با امام جمعه شهرستان پارس آباد
06 تیر 1397

Meeting of the Chief Executive Officer and members of the Shahriari deputies of the province with the Imam of Friday in Parsabad

Shawari members of the provincial welfare ministers visited and visited the Pars Abad city of Hojatoleslam Rashadi on Friday....
کمترین میزان مصرف مواد مخدر در سطح کشور متعلق به استان اردبیل است
03 تیر 1397

The lowest level of drug use in the country belongs to Ardabil province

Director General of Welfare in Ardebil province said: "In a scientific study about the prevalence of addiction in the country, Ardabil province is ranked among the 31 provinces of the country in terms of drug use....
۲۰۰ کودک کار در اردبیل از خدمات حمایتی بهره‌مند می‌شوند.
03 تیر 1397

200 children work in Ardebil

The Welfare Directorate of Ardebil province reported the use of 200 street children and children identified at the provincial level from welfare services and said that more than 4.5 billion tomans were spent to support these children and their families last year....
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شناسايي ،‌احصاء و عملياتي نمودن نيازهاي كودكان كار و خيابان ضرورت امروز جامعه
03 تیر 1397

Identifying, analyzing and operationalizing the needs of children and street workers. Necessity of society today.

Specialized training course on interventional skills in the field of work with street children in the presence of experts from the Office of Social Welfare Organizations of the Welfare Organization, the Director General and Deputy Social Affairs Department of the Welfare Organization of the province, and a group of experts from the Office of Affiliated Affiliated Affiliated Countries at the Center for Welfare Specialists Training Was held....
مسئول امور اجتماعی فرمانداری خلخال گفت: آمار جمعیت سالمند این شهرستان روند رو به رشد داشته و هم اکنون بطور میانگین 15.5 درصد از جمعیت منطقه سالمند و نیازمند توجه ویژه هستند.
02 تیر 1397

Khalkhal Governor for Social Affairs said the population of the elderly of the city has been growing rapidly and now an average of 15.5% of the region's elderly population is in need of special attention.

The elderly population of Khalkhal is increasing Khalkhal Governor for Social Affairs said the population of the elderly of the city has been growing rapidly and now an average of 15.5% of the region's elderly population is in need of special attention....
۸۲ میلیارد ریال تسهیلات برای اشتغال مددجویان بهزیستی اردبیل پرداخت می‌شود
31 خرداد 1397

82 billion Rials are provided for the employment of the welfare servants of Ardebil

Director General of the Welfare Organization of Ardebil province said that this year, 82 billion riyals will be allocated to the province's welfare for the purpose of employment of the target population and the clients of this institution, which will endeavor to attract the most proprietary credits....
برگزاري جلسه هماهنگي با مديران بانكهاي عامل استان
30 خرداد 1397

Organizing a meeting with the directors of the provincial banks

The coordination meeting with the managing directors of the Banks under paragraph (b) of Note 16 of the Budget Law of the whole country was held with the presence of the Director General and Deputy Governor of the Public Welfare Participation of the province...
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